Jose Cuervo: Last Days – It’s Now or Never! Obama & Climate Change

Wild connections telegraphed in Jose Cuervo’s new commercial titled ‘Last Days’ cryptically uncovers what late president Obama truly meant by ‘Climate Change’.

Hint: It is NOT the type of ‘Climate Change’ Al Gore talks about!

"A group of fearless bargoers enjoy their last moments together, as civilization crumbles around them. As the impending doom worsens outside, inside they are doubling down on the Cuervo (and the Elvis), as for these brave souls #TomorrowIsOverrated" - Jose Cuervo: 'Last Days' Commercial

Follow along in this video presentation by Jonathan Kleck as the spiritual realm is uncovered, explaining the deeper truths of Jose Cuervo's new television advertisement and the soon-coming Apocalypse!

FEATURED VIDEO: Jose Cuervo/Obama/climate change

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