How to Identify Demonic Possession

Take a close look at this collage of pictures. What do you notice?

When someone winks at you in a very deliberate manner, there is a demon hosting that individual (they have an unclean spirit), they are devising mischief in their heart. Winking and sticking out the tongue is a form of mockery against the Holy Spirit. Go into the world and see for yourself after reading this. You are going to be blown away by this ‘phenomenon’, because in all actuality, it is the 100% truth.


►Is this a sign of demonic possession? Absolutely.

"It’s everywhere, all around us. The only reason you have not noticed is because you did not have the scripture in you. But now you have the light in you, now you can see." (from Why Do ‘They’ Keep Winking At Me? ‘They Live’ is a Reality!)

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