Cain the Child of Lucifer - The Start of the Satanic Government

EXITUS ACTA PROBAT - The outcome justifies the deed. Satan impregnated Eve with Cain (KAIN) and she ALSO bare his TWIN Abel (HABEL) [from Adam]. GENESIS 4:1 "And Adam knew Hava his wife, who had desired the Angel; and she conceived, and bare Kain; and she said, I have acquired a man, the Angel of the Lord. And she added to bear from her husband Adam his twin, even Habel (ABEL)."

The first human born unto the earth was Cain. Cain had a twin brother whose name was Abel. Cain and Abel were heteropaternal superfecundation twins (twins with two different fathers).

Cain killed Abel. Cain-abel, cain-abel, say it (x 3) three times faster: Cannibal. The system of the flesh is cannibalistic; we all work together, rely on each other and feed off one another (… it turns out the satanic elite take that phrase literally). Let us reveal the origins of this cannibalistic system starting from the first two humans born unto the earth: Cain & Abel. It all started at the root of all humanity: The Fall of Man in The Garden of Eden.

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The entire world is a paradigm of the duality of good vs. evil that was exemplified in the genesis of Cain & Abel. What possessed Cain to kill Abel and lie about it? Are all those who follow after Cain's examples run by the same spirit of destruction? It is clear to see the same principles throughout history, especially when talking about the rise and fall of the governments in society throughout the ages. Even today - the members of the most renown positions of our government have been exposed in highly ludicrous and malicious deeds - is there a theme that explains such ruthless, tyrannical actions of our government leaders? Yes.

MACHIAVELLIANISM - is a widely used negative term to characterize unscrupulous politicians of the sort Machiavelli described most famously in The Prince. Machiavelli described immoral behavior, such as dishonesty and killing innocents, as being normal and effective in politics. He even seemed to endorse it in some situations.

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Everything you have ever wondered about world politics, the governing systems of the world, culture, the human experience and its origins – is revealed in this supernatural presentation of the most unequivocally, stunning information ever recorded.

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