Young Lady Becomes Demonically Possessed In ‘The New Fragrance’ Commercial!

KENZO World’s ‘The New Fragrance’ advertisement shows us how deep the satanic elite have saturated our culture with their occult rituals.

They are not even trying to hide it any longer!

In this new fragrance commercial, they literally promote the perfume by filming an innocent young lady being demonically taken over, convulsing and hypnotically jolting into a barbaric trance!

If that wasn’t shocking enough, there is much more that is revealed in this paranormal video breakdown of the spiritual realm by Jonathan Kleck that you must see!

How is it possible that multiple high fashion designers such as COCO Mademoiselle and KENZO World are producing product commercials that all have one common theme -  that has nothing to do with their brand or product and everything to do with the fall of man in The Garden of Eden?

This is spirituality uncovered like you have never seen it before!


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