Why Your Local Police Dept. is NOT Investigating #PizzaGate! You Need To Share This With Everyone Now!

The F.B.I. released the official symbols associated with child sex trafficking that recently have been brought to the forefront again to help locate and bust these demented criminals. We all know that human sex trafficking as well as pedophilia rings have been in operation for a very long time. Here is the official F.B.I. intelligence bulletin describing the symbols and logos used by pedophile networks:

These symbols have manifested everywhere throughout society – and only those in ‘the club’ knew what they meant, but now – the information has been verified and leaked to the mainstream public in the worldwide scandal of #PizzaGate. Do you really want to know why this investigation has not even started to begin to gain traction on the local P.D. level? Take a look at where these pedophile sex symbols were recently uncovered:

►Notice something majorly conspicuous with these police badges? Yes! Each badge features an identical match to the pedophile sex symbols documented by the F.B.I. as the official ‘boy lover’ symbol associated with child sex slave networks!

Now, we are not going to throw every single cop under the bus with this startling information –but we must be aware that these organizations can and mostly likely do contain corruption. After all, the police would have such authority to mask such a widespread scandal, especially when having big bucks financing there operations from the top-down; remember this is a worldwide epidemic that reaches from your community all the way to Mr. Obama and John Podesta’s private ‘Hot Dog’ stand in Hawaii. These are career sociopathic criminals.

Child sex trafficking is so rampant in Hollywood and in the upper ‘elite’ society of this world – it has become a big joke. The top stars and Hollywood directors are in on it and are so outright sociopathic, they put their “inside jokes” right in front of you in their twisted movie scripts and shows! Take a look at this mockery in broad daylight from the Jimmy Kimmel show:


►In this skit from the Jimmy Kimmel show, they show a pizza delivery boy and directly behind him on the wall display the symbol used by pedophiles for 'boy lover'!

They hide their ‘secrets’ in plain sight, mostly in symbology - all whilst they indoctrinate you with their subliminal media, pushing what is the ‘social norm’ and political correct agenda. It’s all a big stage.

You laugh because they laugh. They laugh because they are mocking you!

I hope this article can help wake up those of us who still have a moral conscious left in this rapidly decaying world and help provide information to the dedicated citizen investigators to continue to press for justice and inform their loved ones.

For the in-depth look at the spirituality aspects of what is truly taking place in this battle of good vs. evil, see the latest update from CNN / Cannibal News Network:


For more absolutely groundbreaking information view: Cannibalistic World Government - Everything You Need to Know About #PizzaGate

Please Note: Due to the constant threat of internet censorship, this article and video content may not be publicly available for long – Get this information out!
[1] Source video link: #PizzaGate is #PedoGate - Is Brian Podesta Related to John Podesta? Odd Police Badges No?

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