Who Are The Nephilim? Unlocked Mysteries of The Hidden World (Video)

Numerous archaeological and scientific findings have released much evidence in line with the fact that the Nephilim (the mighty men or GIANTS from Genesis 6:4) roamed the Earth thousands of years ago.

►What are the origins of the Nephilim?

Get ready for the most supernatural conclusive breakdown video revealing the ancient secrets of the hidden world including hieroglyphic analysis, prophetic events and spiritual insight from above in this must-see video walkthrough!

FEATURED VIDEO: The Hidden World Part II - Spiritual Rebirth

Description: Part 2 of our study of the accounts in Genesis that mention how the fallen angels infected the race of humanity with their serpent seed-- which has aided the Satanic agenda of creating a collective consciousness within the human race. If you have not been born again of the Spirit of the Living God, through the Holy Spirit, by being washed in the Blood of Jesus Christ, then you are susceptible to this malicious spirit that promotes and causes sin, ultimately leading to spiritual death.

Proverbs 14:12 "There is a way that men think is right, and its ways are the ways of death."

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Goliath & Adam Skull buried at Golgatha:




Alabama Roadside DNA swabs:




For more mind-blowing information on the ancient hieroglyph and spiritual discernment that uncovered and solved 'the riddle of ages' see the full documentary DVD and high-resolution images available for your viewing pleasure here.



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