Vatican City’s ‘Beehive’ System Revealed!

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Description: End of the Age and exposure of Satan's (Upside.Down) church on Earth. The Iron mixed with miry clay.Light and Darkness. Exposing the home of the Dragon (Devil) on Earth.  My mission completed and the revelation of God and the number He gave me in Hebrew...Jonathan kleck


The "hive" system of Vatican City has now been fully revealed!

Dark spells are cast by the papal figures over the collective consciousness of the mass populous to induce a deep sleep over the 'worker bees' and keep us slaves to their system.

Don't be subjected to their spiritual wickedness any longer!

Let's break open the hive as never seen before in hopes that you may understand what is taking place over the governing system of the world and break free from it!

The Hive

► Ever wonder why popes are crowned with a 'bee hive' style papal tiara on their head?

or why the papal garments have 'bees' embroidered on them?

or why there are giant stained glass 'bees' in the windows of the Vatican?

or why 'bees' are sculpted into the Vatican Coat of Arms?

Let's get right to the head of the matter and discuss the 'bee hive' crown known as: the papal tiara.

The name "tiara" refers to the entire headgear, no matter how many crowns, circlets or diadems have adorned it through the ages, while the three-tiered form that it took in the 14th century is also called the triregnum, triple tiara, or triple crown.

From 1143 to 1963, the papal tiara was solemnly placed on the pope's head during a papal coronation. [1] Source:

coronation is a ceremony marking the formal investiture of a monarch with regal power, usually involving the ritual placement of a crown upon the monarch's head and the presentation of other items of regalia. [2] Source:

The Papal Regalia

The papal regalia is the complete version of Vatican City's Coat of Arms and prominently features the papal tiara crown.

What it stands for is highly significant to the monarchy throughout the ages.

What you are about to witness is Vatican City's most heavily guarded secrets of all time - revealed!

The top rulers of this world keep their esoteric knowledge and the true meanings of their hidden symbology tightly under wraps.

Only by a supernatural gift of discernment from above, were these deeply hidden secrets brought to light to be made available for the general public's insight!




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