Trump's Coat of Arms Revealed

The opening act has initiated. Do not be fooled by the mainstream inauguration political bait. There are much darker forces in charge of this puppet show. Let us go one step beyond the physical realm of international banksters and freemasonic satanic elite and expose the spiritual chessboard in play for this New Year. 

Do you think a host body operated by Satan cares about the rules of political office? No. Barack Obama is still The Antichrist. He is the lawless one. Satan is about to take his thrown and Trump is being used as the tip of the spear to push through Satan's New World Order. 

Let's connect some data points and do a quick ‘facts check’ before stepping off the rock into the mud. Not only are the connections between JFK and Donald Trump are quite remarkable but Mr. Trump's Coat of Arms says it all. Find out what is behind the curtain here:

There is not much time left - if any. It's all about to go down.

Final Warning.

     Trump's Coat of Arms #2:                  Freemasonic Phoenix: