Something Is Wrong: Skydiver Falls 25,000 ft With No Parachute Ritual Event (Video)

FEATURED VIDEO: Lucifer is saying "He has accomplished his goal"

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Most of you saw the world record: Skydiver Luke Aikins jumps 25,000 ft. with NO PARACHUTE, when it premiered last summer.

There is something askew, however.

Take it from a professional, there is something majorly wrong!

This is mind-blowing!

Could there be something much larger at play here?

Was this extreme sports stunt a ritualistic performance transcribing a message from malevolent entities of the spiritual world?

Let’s just say the message is 5 x 5: Loud and clear!

Jonathan Kleck is a certified skydiving instructor and has accomplished many extremely technical jumps back when he was managing his sunglasses company under the tagline “Come out of the darkness and into the light with Vlad Eyewear!”

Follow along as Jonathan unveils the spiritual message within Luke Aikins no parachute skydive in this video presentation.



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