PizzaGate the Truth Is . . You Are the Food!

Cain-abel, cain-abel, say it x3 faster: Cannibal.

The cannibals are in broad daylight. You are being hunted. What we have learned is - they feed off your soul as an energy source. You are either a vampire or a victim. Find out now:

"There are creatures walking amongst us, that look human, but are not. They eat humans. They prefer them young and in a state of fear and terror. They drink their blood, rape them, abuse them, and then eat them alive. #Pizzagate is real. It was so real and dark, that the mainstream media had to invent a new term to deflect and confuse you from the truth. The term FakeNews was coined for this purpose alone. The Truth however, always revealed no matter what. And more truths will be exposed and revealed the closer we get to the Last Days as mentioned in the Bible." - FaithfulBerean

You know you’re at the end when everyone is eating each other.

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