New Adidas Commercial Should Freak You Out! What Is Going On Here!

Everyone needs to see this immediately.

Did Adidas really just pump out this vulgar, filthy commercial to their consumer audience? 

Who is running the show here? 

There is something very evil under the skin of 'Original is Never Finished', the new commercial by Adidas.

'Original is Never Finished' features a rendition of Frank Sinatra's 'My Way' which just so happens to be released just prior to President Trump's inauguration ceremony, which featured the same exact song

Another interesting fact: Snoop Dogg who recently released a highly controversial music video where he "assassinated" Trump, is featured in this commercial! 

This is not "art" folks - this is a demonic spirit working through human host bodies!

Don't believe it? - Just watch, Jonathan Kleck exposes it all in this video presentation.


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