Maserati’s Extremely Disturbing Super Bowl Ad - Wow!

Something is really strange with this Maserati commercial; 10-year-old girls do not drive, let alone drive a Maserati! Why is this little girl so angry throughout the commercial? I don’t understand how this helps sell Maserati sports cars. That is because they are not just advertising cars… here, have a look at the official transcript of the dialogue in this alleged ‘car’ commercial:

“The world is full of giants. They have always been here. Lumbering in the schoolyards. Limping through the alleys. We had to learn how to deal with them. How to overcome them. We were small, but fast, remember? We were like a wind, appearing out of nowhere. We knew that being clever was more important than being the biggest kid in the neighborhood. As long as we keep our heads down.  As long as we work hard. Trust what we feel in our guts, our hearts. Then we’re ready! We wait until they get sleepy. Wait until they get so big, they can barely move. Then we walk out of the shadows. Quietly walk out of the dark - And Strike!” (from The Official Maserati Super Bowl Spot | 2014 Ghibli – Strike)

Okay, so how much horsepower does this vehicle have? What are the latest cutting edge performance specs and innovative safety attributes incorporated into the design? Um… no, that is not what they are selling. Wait until you see what is going on behind the scenes!


►Commercial breakdown starts at the 7:49 timestamp, but you should see this from the start if you are unfamiliar with the channel content.

Why does it matter what is transcribed throughout Maserati’s commercial? This is not the only Maserati commercial with such abnormal cogitations; not to mention the many more advertisements with the exact same underlying theme being subliminally played over and over again to the general public who still have not cut their cable cords! These seemingly ‘innocent’ commercials have huge budgets- which usually means big agendas behind them. The elite depopulation agenda is no secret and this well funded commercial includes everything to do with what you are now seeing across the world stage: USA, Russia, Korea, United Nations, etc global nuclear strike and ensuing Armageddon. They are programming that masses and telegraphing their plans to your subconscious mind! If you have not realized by now - this is a spiritual war. Please awaken before it’s too late!

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