Hoover Dam Going To Break? Must Watch Bud Light Ad!

►Red Alert! There is something majorly wrong in this Bud Light advertisement! When we connect all the data points this is far more than your average beer commercial by Bud Light. What you are about to witness is the unfolding of the hidden spiritual elements that are televised to millions of people to induce a subliminal message.

It's called Kabbalah magic. Those who orchestrate and direct these big-budget commercials use this spiritual wickedness to telegraph their plans, which are hidden in plain sight, as a way to relieve themselves of the 'karma' or guilt after executing the malicious event. As many of you know this form of spiritual wickedness is in mostly all of the propaganda rampant throughout Hollywood including: movies, TV shows, cartoons, etc. 

They are telegraphing their plans of the new race being birthed - and they are going to strike!

A dam is a constructed wall that forms a reservoir; it's primary job is to constrict and hold back water from flowing. The term 'water break' is commonplace when describing a newborn being birthed into the world. Breaking open the Hoover Dam is the sign of the New World Order birth!

Those that try to hide their plans are doomed! Let's show you everything that was hidden in this commercial. Brace for impact - there's a baby on the way!


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