Hidden Messages in Big Budget Commercials - Will Leave Your Jaw On The Floor!

►Can all of these companies be under the influence of a malevolent spirit?

Who knew, that such surprising messages were being subliminally telegraphed to millions of viewers over and over again, not only in premier TV commercials, but throughout top internet video advertisements as well as playing on the largest TV viewership event of the year, The Super Bowl. Now uncovered, these cryptic messages will expose the darkest secrets of subliminal programming and disclose the malefic agenda behind these broadcasts.

Categorized neatly below are the complete analysis and breakdowns of the relating commercial that you will most likely recognize by the thumbnail image, after all, these are mainstream BIG BUDGET commercials. Simply click on theFeatured Video’ or ‘Featured Article’ to see the extensive breakdowns of the subliminal transcriptions hidden within the commercial in 'plain sight'!

The Big List of Big-Budget Commercials Exposed:


‘The Art Of Villainy | British Villains’


‘Master Plan’  Ft. Tom Hiddleston and  Nicholas Hoult


‘Eyes On Gigi Hadid’


‘Fable of Deviants’


‘Bull’ Ft. Matthew McConaughey


‘Official Maserati Super Bowl Spot 2014 Ghibli Strike’

Bud Light

‘Ian Up For Whatever Film’

Bud Light

‘The Bud Light Party’ Ft. Seth Rogen and Amy Schumer

Bud Light

‘Hoover Dam’

Progressive Insurance



‘Keep Them Busy’

Avocados From Mexico

#AvoSecrets ‘Secret Society’


‘Original is Never Finished’


‘Bright Crystal’


‘The New Fragrance’

COCO Chanel

‘She’s Not There’


‘N°5 L’EAU the film’

When scripting and filming a big-budget commercial, every millisecond counts – as these advertisements can cost millions of dollars for a less than 2-minute ad. By using flash tracks, quick scenes and overlaid hypnotic songs, there is A LOT jammed into these commercials that usually fly right over the viewer’s naked perception – but subliminally our consciousness picks up on the hidden cues, especially when the commercial appears again and again throughout the transmitted event. You need to see what they are pushing to the mass population – this is alarming!