Elite Cannibalism Uncovered in Beyoncé’s Witchcraft!

*Article updated 2.19.2022

The Truth About Beyoncé's Twin Ritual at the Grammy Awards

In this presentation, Jonathan Kleck reveals what no one saw in the ritual performed at the Grammy Awards by Beyoncé while she was pregnant with twins.

Beyoncé's attire contains symbolism that is a spiritual manifestation of the cannibalistic twin system that originated in the Garden of Eden.

The symbolism that was uncovered on Beyoncé's dress matches the same agenda in this Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that was revealed to Jonathan Kleck by the Holy Spirit solving the riddle of ages

What you will learn in this presentation not only explains Beyoncé's performance but will uncover the utmost spiritual truth about the world we live in.

FEATURED VIDEO: Cannibalism at the GRAMMY Awards

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Description: When you KNOW the TRUTH ((Jesus))) ,,,,Everything becomes clear.


FEATURED VIDEO: More PROOF of a Cannibalistic system

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VIDEO: Beyoncé live performance at the 2017 Grammys (Love Drought + Sandcastles)

At the 2017 Grammy Awards, pregnant Beyoncé performed a mega ritual wearing this dress:

What is this image on her dress that is covering the twins in her womb?

The Holy Spirit revealed to Jonathan Kleck the hidden symbolism that is on Beyoncé’s dress and he colored it in to help your visual perception.

Hidden on Beyoncé’s dress is an ouroboros serpent, and an isotoxal star encircling a woman with her eyes closed:

Beyoncé is wearing these symbols directly over her belly while pregnant with twins

Why is that so significant? What do these symbols represent?

The ouroboros symbol is the serpent or dragon eating its own tail representing self-cannibalism.

The cannibalistic system originated with the birth of the twins Cain & Abel!

Say Cain & Abel three times fast: Cain/Abel, cainabel, cannibal.

Cain killed his brother Abel and that's what's happening within the host body system, the evil you is killing the good you, you are being spiritually cannibalized.

WOW! Beyoncé in her ritual at the Grammy Awards is showcasing on her dress the nature of the twin system!

That's also why the girls that worship her in the ritual performance have a line down the middle of their face, splitting their face in two, it's a manifestation of the twin system - each person being a kingdom divided of good and evil. 

Beyoncé was on stage, pregnant with twins, dressed to resemble the Virgin.

The original Virgin was Eve! Eve was impregnated with twins: Cain by Satan and Abel by Adam.

Beyoncé's dress and her twins are a spiritual manifestation of the twin system that originated with the Virgin (Eve) in the Garden of Eden and it is cannibalistic.

When the serpent impregnated the woman Eve it led to the fall of mankind through Adam.

Notice how in the symbol on Beyoncé's dress, the woman's eyes are closed - that's because she became blind to God once trapped in the serpent flesh system. The blinded woman is in an isotoxal star (3-4 pointed star).

The question is: why is Beyoncé wearing an ouroboros serpent and an isotoxal star directly over her belly while pregnant with twins?!?

It's because she is a manifestation of the twin system, which is spiritually cannibalistic, and she is flaunting it in this ritual on her dress while pregnant with twins!

That's extremely sick and disturbing that she would wear a dress with this cannibalistic symbology over the twins in her pregnant belly!



To see more examples in our society of isotoxal stars on display and to understand in detail what they represent, you can learn more about isotoxal stars here.

Isotoxal stars are pervasive throughout our society and have a very important spiritual significance.



Take a look at another style of an isotoxal star, this Five Percent Nation medallion necklace, sported by Beyoncé's husband Jay-Z:

The Five Percent Nation is an offshoot of the Nation of Islam and one of the core tenets they believe is that white people are 'weak' and 'inferior' to black men who hold the power of God. 

Read about their belief's here:

Fascinating - that's a pretty racist and screwed-up belief system.

Whereas in Christ Jesus, there is no one excluded by nationality or color of skin. (Read Galatians 3:26-29).

Not only is the Five Percent Nation medallion an isotoxal star, but it is also an 8-pointed star

If you do a quick search, you will find that an 8-pointed star is also known as the star of Lucifer!

Wow! Sounds like the Five Percent Nation is just another offshoot of people deceived by Lucifer...

It is common to see the 8-pointed star of Lucifer associated with an isotoxal star:

We are the stars (princes, angels) that Lucifer (the light-bearer) led astray into his host body system.

The entire world is structured in a cannibalistic system, where the serpent race feeds off the sheep race

Why would anyone do a ritual at the Grammy Awards like that and wear a dress with that symbology?

What you are going to find out is it's because the elite of this world, such as Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z, serve this cannibalistic system - that's where they get their power from.

That's why you see Jay-Z linked up with Hollywood's spirit cooking witch Marina Abramović.

Be sure to watch both video presentations at the beginning of this article by prophet Jonathan Kleck, which fully explains the origin of this cannibalistic system, and how the Ancient Egyptian hieroglyph that solves the "riddle of ages" matches the same agenda of Beyoncé's dress in her ritual performance. 



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