Come Out of The Darkness & Into The Light!

There once lived a man who won the 2000 Guinness Book of World records for a record selling sunglass company under the tag line "Come out of the darkness and into the light," with Vlad Eyewear. Being successful in the sunglass and professional eyewear business led to many opportunities of adventure. The typical lifestyle for this playboy was nothing short of rock and roll: parties, women, beaches and skydiving. As a happenstance the extreme sport of professional skydiving fit perfectly into the fast-paced lifestyle of this entrepreneurial rock star. Many would come to admire the seamless tale and most would say he was "living the life!" It was all so smooth - jump out of planes, do advertising for the extreme sports sunglasses all whilst having a blast on the white beaches of Anywhere,USA! (Or more like anywhere the wind blows!) Of course with every high octane thriller the eventuality is a dead end. Exactly where this story twists and one day you find yourself in a drastic situation of life and death again - but this time surrounded by hunters seeking your soul – there is no way out..  except . . .

A DOOR ON THE 3rd Story Fire ESCAPE!


That's where it all turned UPSIDE DOWN.


Divine intervention some would say, others, a miracle from The Lord God. Introducing the gentlemen once known as the ‘Wolfman’ now known as: the ‘Sheepman’. 

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